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In a forest of gigantic trees, Oquirá a six year old indigenous girl, will challenge her destiny and learn to understand the cycle of life.

About the film

“Way of Giants” is an animated short film by director Alois Di Leo.  It is a poetical search for purpose and reason that follows the story of Oquirá, a six year old indigenous girl, as she confronts the cycle of life and the concept of destiny.  The film explores the forces in nature and our connection with the earth and its elements.

Music plays an important role in the story. A master of ancient Andean music, Tito la Rosa, was brought from Peru to São Paulo to compose and record the score using handmade Inca and Andean instruments — most of which La Rosa and his son manufactured following Andean traditions.

“Way of Giants” took two years to produce and was completed in March, 2016. It was financed by Sinlogo Animation; a São Paulo government grant, “Prêmio estimulo 2014”;  and a crowdfunding campaign that helped bring Tito La Rosa to Brasil.

The film will premiere at the prestigious Annecy International Animation Film Festival as part of the Official Selection in June 2016.

Technical Info
Format: Scope 2.39
Year: 2016
Country: Brazil
Duration: 11’52”
Sound: Surround 5.1
Screening Format: DCP 24fps
Technique: 2D Digital Hand Drawn Animation
No Dialogue

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The Team

Directed, Produced and Written by
Alois Di Leo

Tiago Rovida
Henrique Lobato

Original Music by
Tito La Rosa

Helena Maura
Alois Di Leo

Sound Design and Mix
Daniel Turini e Fernando Henna

Additional Music
Gustavo Monteiro

A film by SINLOGO animation

About Sinlogo

SINLOGO Animation is a creative studio that develop works focused in character design, illustration and animation.
Since it was founded in 2005, SINLOGO has been in more than 70 international festivals including Cannes, London film festival, Hiroshima and Stuttgardt Animation Film Festival and created more than one hundred projects in São Paulo and around the world.

We are simply passionate about animation.

Director’s Briography

Alois Di Leo was born in Lima, Peru and raised in São Paulo, Brasil where he founded the animation studio SINLOGO. 

He graduated with an MA in animation direction at the NFTS in London. His short animated film “The Boy Who wanted to be a Lion” has played in several festivals around the world such as Cannes, Hiroshima, Annecy, São Paulo, and won a few awards including the Lotte Reiniger Award at the “Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film.”

At the moment he is writing his first feature film.

Executive Producer
LIa Nunes
Bruno Di Leo

Art Direction
Alois Di Leo
Tiago Rovida
Henrique Lobato

Alois Di Leo

Character Design
Tiago Rovida

CGI and Background painting
Gabriela Gomes

Clean Up Supervisor
Henrique Lobato

Lead Animation Assistants
Flávia Godoy
Maria Fernanda Peters

Animation Assistants
Apolo Longhi
Livia Serri Francoio
Mariana Yovanovich
Juliana de Lucca
Roberto Zachow
Samuel Lobo
Ôlêkrãm Yânda
Thais Uzan

Henrique Lobato

Compositing and After Effects
Alois Di Leo

Flavio Bellini
Elias Jamil Freua
Helga Gremmelspacher
Sophia Lobato dos Santos
Teodora Moser

Sound Editing Assistants
Cauê Shimoda, Mariana Vieira

Ambience Editing
Henrique Chiurciu

Effects Editing
João Victor Coura e Sérgio Abdalla

Sound Studio
Confraria de Sons & Charutos

Recording Studio
BRC Estúdios

Sound Engineers
Bruno Cardozo  e Lucas Weingaertner

Mixagem Cinecolor
Ariel Henrique

Audio Manager Cinecolor
Cláudio Avino

Post-production Coordinator
Marina Herrador

Color Grading
Psycho’n Look

Project supervisor
Alessandra Casolari
Marcio Pasqualino

Marcio Pasqualino

Carllos Luís Alves
João Paulo Geraldo
Uillian Mendes

Project Coordinator
Suelen Teixeira
Bruna Keren

Customer Relationship Manager
Paula Barone

Customer Relationship Assistant
Luana Daminelli

Executive Producers
Maísa La Cava Mendonça

Press Kit

Film Stills

Film Poster

Thanks to everyone who helped fund the music for this film through our crowdfunding:

Camila Pancich, Paul Cabeza & Magali Di Leo

Carol Gorini & Danilo Grimaldi

Dana Christoforou

Daniel Greco

Diego De Souza

Dimos Vrysellas

Emília Freua

Fernando Bastos

Filipe Grimaldi

Gustavo Braceiro Barlati

Helder Prando

Helga Gremmelspacher

Igor B Bernardes

Igor e Oliveira

Ivan Abujamra

Janaina Torres

Jens Blank

Kurt & Brigitte Schläpfer

Leonardo Salvio

Leandro T G Mendes

Lucas Albuquerque Tonon

Luiza F Pagliari

Magdalena Osinska

Marcelo Martins

Marcelo Santos

Mariana Yovanovich

Mario Neto

Martín Schmidth

Mauricio Orey

Michelli Provensi

Pedro Ferreira

Rosemarie Lobato

Rodrigo Castilho

Shawnee Gibbs

Sutheera Theeraworaphan

Tyler Liechty

Vito Di Leo

Vito & Emma Di Leo

Yara Fukimoto

Alice, Lea & Claudio Di Leo

Andre Luiz V Silva

Andre M Forni

Anna Benner

Anna Caiado

Antenor & Angela Rovida

Apolo Longhi

Bruna Menezes

Bruno Di Leo

Meg Lú, Cacau, Lio e Max

Camila Alves dos Santos

Jéssica Aline Rovida

Alex Di Leo Zachow

Manoela Zachow

© Sinlogo Animation 2016

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